There are more than 50 active ministries at Bethel. Find one that fits your talents.

Video Team

Serve and Learn

Put your skills to work with a growing team of enthusiasts.

We serve during services and behind the scenes, diligently working to broadcast the ministry; bringing the worship experience to the home-bound, through Facebook, Ustream and Youtube. Volunteers also work diligently on site, during our live services.

There is a place for you here to serve and to grow.

Men In Ministry

Not only ushering

Bethel men participate in every aspect of service.

We are greeters, hosts, ministers, leaders of prayer groups,, and assisting visitors are just a few. We also do heavy lifting, painting, assisting in the upkeep of our grounds and buildings. Where can you fit in?

Ask us, we are here for you.

Worship & Fine Arts

Make A Joyful Noise Unto The Lord

Our worship team consists of many fine voices and instruments, but there is room for you here.

Find your niche!!! Serve.

Women In Ministry

One of our responsibilities is to serve first time visitors at Bethel. While we remain socially-distanced, we still pray for the church, it's needs, and the people of God.

We look forward to gathering again in the near future and fellowshipping with you during your first visit to Bethel.