Sundays at 11:15am


Infants - Nursery School Building

Pre-K through Middle School - School lower level

Pre-teens - School upper level

Young Adults - BCMC

Your First Visit!

Locate A Greeter

If you have a child, a Greeter will direct you to the age-appropriate classroom, where they will complete an enrollment card.

Children learn the Word of God alongside their peer group. If you have any questions or concerns, Greeters will be available to help you with them as well.


During Service

Kids4Christ Sunday School

Beginners: 3 and 4 yrs.
Early Elementary: 5 and 6 yrs.
Primaries: 7 and 8 yrs.
Middlers: 9 and 10 yrs.
Juniors: 11 and 12 yrs.
Nursery school is also available for babies up to 3 yrs.



Become A Teacher

There are opportunities to make a difference in the life of a student every week. All leaders are background-checked, trained, and our teams are committed to providing the best possible experience to help students grow spiritually and personally.




Bethel youth learn the disciplines of the faith and are demonstrating a desire to be baptized.


3 And 4 Year Old Children

We begin our day with prayer and by saluting the flag.

At Bethel we not only teach children the Word of God at an early age, we incorporate Christian values and the social graces necessary to encourage growth and maturity, based on God's Word.


7 And 8 Years

Our growing children move on to learn the Bible on a more mature level.
Here they increase their reading ability as they to learn how to read and understand Bible stories and people that they are reading about.
Activities and games enhance their learning experience.


9 and 10 Years

We continue to learn the Word of God with our peer.
Learning with children our age is fun. It's less intimidating and we get to share things that children our age are interested in.
We find that we are able to discuss what we have learned without being intimidated by people that seem to be more knowledgeable about the Bible than we are.
It's a great experience.


11 and 12 Years

Not only are we growing in size and stature, but we have learned much over the years.
Already we are looking forward to graduating into Joppa, but studying is interestingly taught here.
Even the activies are age-appropriate, and it help us to focus better.