GM and praise the Lord! Remember to pray today! Meditate on this scripture today:

Luke 18:1

"Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart,"

Prayer is so awesome in that we gain access to the Almighty Yahweh at any time, anywhere for anything (Jesus said if you ask anything in My Name, it shall be given you); yet it is the most under-utilized resource of the believer. Prayer is not just talking to God, but more importantly allowing God to talk with us - that's when we receive  wisdom, knowledge understanding and even strength to live victoriously each day. Prayer is also our access to unlimited power! He will mount you up with wings like eagles, you shall run and not be weary, and you shall walk and not faint! When we are going through trials, tribulations and turmoil, we can call on God in times of trouble to take our hand and lead us through! 

That's so important because in our own natural strength, we won't make it. Remember, physical stamina is no match for "spiritual warfare!" But through prayer, God strengthens our physical, emotional and spiritual man. Prayer brings us into "closer relationship" with God so that we come to know Him as our "Great I AM" - everything you need Him to be - HE IS! Prayer also reminds us that we are not alone! When friends fail us, when plans escape us, and when our own thoughts fool us - we can come to God in prayer. He says we can ask WITHOUT REPROACH! Don't ever feel like you've become a nuisance to God. He loves you with with an "everlasting love" and "His mercy endures forever"!

As you go to God in prayer, don't "lose heart." Don't ask - and NOT BELIEVE YOU'LL RECEIVE! That's fruitless, "for those that come to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him." So come with EXPECTANCY, come with an attitude of PATIENCE, prepared to wait upon Him, and  come with THANKSGIVING - knowing that He heard you and will answer in the fullness of His time. Remember, a WAIT does not mean NO, a YES does not always mean NOW, and a NO is always for your GOOD! 

So PUSH in your prayer life (Prayer Until Something Happens).

Be blessed and keep on PUSHing!!

Reverend John Sherrod