Keep On Shining For Jesus Today



GM and praise the Lord! Keep on shining for Jesus today! Meditate on this scripture today:

Matthew 5:16

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven."

Have you ever noticed that when certain people enter into a room or space, the atmosphere changes? Sometimes the change is good, up-spirited and "bright", while others bring a solemn, dreary or even a "dark" shadowy change. Those persons are usually the ones that are never invited to the party! They're typically described as "downers." Often it is because they have a "negative spirit"; there always seem to be controversy when they're around, they never have any "good news" to talk about, and most people would rather not be round them and "not hear" anything they have to say.

When you walk into the room, how would people describe you? As "born-again believers" we are to let our "light so shine!" That does not mean the flamboyant, charismatic, jovial personality that many have naturally. That can be fun and enjoyable but it's not "life changing." It does not produce "righteous transformation" in individuals. The "light" Jesus is talking about is "His Light" - the life changing, transforming power of the Good News of Jesus Christ! A life fully given over to Christ, so lived in front of others, that when you walk into the room, people get the feeling that everything is going to be alright! Your words are up-building and encouraging, your attitude represents excellence and your actions glorifies God! People will come to expect you to look for the good in a bad situation, they will depend on you to uphold what is right even when everyone else accepts wrong, and they will come to you for pray because they know that you know the True and Living God!! They will see that "Christ in the life of a believer truly does make a difference!" They won't credit you for who you are, because you've never "taken the credit" for your walk but give honor and praise to God! Your light is the "treasure that God placed in earthen vessels - that the excellence may be of God and not of us!" It is the only power that will lead others unto salvation - just like it led you.

So make a difference in someone else's life today by being the light of Christ wherever you go. Speak words of encouragement always letting others know that your life is because of Jesus' life in you! Truly be the "life" of the party - in Jesus' name.

Be blessed and shine on!!

Reverend John Sherrod