Psalm 119:11

"Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You."

Good morning and praise the Lord! Let God's word be guide you today! Meditate on this scripture:

I always enjoy reading my bible on the train while traveling to work. It is my time to shut out the world around me and concentrate on God's word. I can meditate on Him in my "own world." While others are talking and all different type of distractions are going on, I can hear God speaking to me and encouraging me and counseling me and getting me ready for the day ahead!

One morning as I was preparing to go to work, I cleared out my work bag to relieve some of the weight and removed everything, planning to put back only the "necessary" things and forgot to place my bible back in my bag. I headed out the house, made it to the train, found my favorite sitting spot, reached for my bible and... IT WAS NOT THERE! I felt lost! I was truly disappointed and disconcerted. I felt weak! I sat for a moment wondering what to do because now my "routine" was disrupted and I'm at the mercy of the train ride! I had walked out of my house EMPTY HANDED!

But as I sat there, I began to rehearse some of the scriptures I had read and I began to remember the powerful accounts of the prophets in the Old Testament. I began to think about Elisha who shouted "show me the God of Elijah!", I thought about Daniel in the lions den, I thought about the three Hebrew boys who were thrown into the fiery furnace but walked out unscathed by the protective power of Jesus. I thought about David and Goliath. I thought about Moses asking the Lord "who should I say sent me?" and God said tell them 'I AM sent you.'"  I thought about when Jesus called His disciples to Himself, how he healed blind Bartimaeus, the man at the pool of Bethesda, how He told Peter "COME" and Peter walked on water, how He told His disciples "I'll never leave you nor forsake you." And as I closed my eyes and remembered God's word, I realized that God is still speaking to me - from my heart! I began to feel my strength coming back and I even shed tears because of experiencing the power of His word hidden in my heart! I may have walked out empty handed but I WAS NOT EMPTY HEARTED!

Friends, we may not always be able to carry our physical bibles with us and even though we can download vast material to our tablets, phones, pads and pods, they too will break down, run out of power or even stop working. But if God's word is laid up in your heart, if your mind has been transformed by it, then no matter where you are or what circumstance you may find yourself, you will always be able to connect to Jesus - through His Word!

So today, right now, start reading, meditating and rehearsing God's word. Make it a daily routine - day and night! When you're at home, in a private place, read God's word OUT LOUD so your brain hears the word of God and your senses are impacted by His counsel and love and spirit! If you do this regularly, you will experience what the "living word" will do for you. 

The Psalmist knew what it meant to carry God's word with him - not in a bag, or on a device, but in your heart!

Don't leave empty hearted!

God richly bless you.

Reverend John Sherrod

Written by : Reverend John Sherrod