leaning forward



Because we are free moral agents and have the ability to make decisions on our own, it is only "natural" for us to try and figure out our lives and make our own way. But we forget one thing - our way of thinking is broken! It happened when our great parents "decided" to go their own way and brought sin into our world. Since that time, our thinking has been tainted with corruption, mistakes, pride, unforgiveness, resentments, and the lists goes on! Rather than trust in our own way, which has only led us into further turmoil, trust in the Lord who knows the way that we should take. How do we do that? By taking our "minds" out of the equation, by stop trying to figure it out and let God handle it. That means putting our "hearts" into trusting God! By really getting to know Him and His love for us. Spend more time in prayer, in the reading of His word, through fellowship with like believers and by "proving" God in our lives - by trusting Him during the hard times and leaning on Him when our hearts are broken. That's how we "acknowledge" God and learn to trust Him. This cannot be a "sometimes" occurrence. We must be committed to trusting Him in all our ways - in every area of our lives - the small and the big! That's when our hearts become made up to serve Him. The benefits of trusting God truly outweigh the choice to go our own way. Our minds will think better thoughts, our hearts will produce love for Him and others and our bodies will be healthier and stronger to serve Him.

Give up your way of thinking and start leaning, learning and growing healthier through the counsel of God!

Be blessed today and prosper as your soul prospers!!

Rev. John Sherrod

Reverend John Sherrod

Written by : Reverend John Sherrod