support groups

Support Groups


Bereavement Committee:
Rev. Beverly Caesar Sherrod, Director
We serve as a courtesy to families to promote communication of accurate, properly verified, facts to our membership when a member goes home to be with the Lord. No room for error.
Cancer Support Group: 
Sis. Traci Summers, Director Cancer Support
Counselling Support Group:
Rev. Beverly Caesar Sherrod, Director
Whether you have a crisis situation or an ongoing emotional struggle, we have a wonderful counseling Ministry that can help. BGT counseling Ministry offers individual or family counseling, also a variety of support groups and outside referrals in the Tri-State area. This includes but is not limited to grief and loss, marriage preparation, positive discipline parenting, domestic violence & sexual molestation. We are here for you and will provide you with a private, confidential and safe environment.
Contact Pastor Beverly Sherrod to begin the process to your total emotional healing.
Lean on Me: 
Pastor Beverly Caesar-Sherrod, Director
Lean On Me is a ministry that offers a confidential, non-judgmental forum for women to share their past and current struggles, hurts and challenges. It is a Ministry where women can Lean On each other for support and recognize that they are not alone and their situation is not unique. Through the Word of God they will be encouraged and taught to Lean on the Lord. Participants will realize that they can be healed, delivered and set free. Lean on Me is not only for women who have been victims, but also for women who are, or were the victimizer. This Ministry cannot be joined but whosoever will is welcomed. It is not limited to members of Bethel Gospel Tabernacle or to women who are saved.
Pastoral Affairs
Rev. Clarice Hamer, Director
Our mission is to be a tangible blessing to our Pastor & Bishop.
Senior Citizens Ministry:
Mother Currin Wilson, Director
The Senior Citizens Outreach Volunteer’s aims and goals continue to be to provide even more activities and involvement for our Senior Citizens, particularly because their numbers continue to increase. We provide our Senior Citizens with weekly exercise classes on Wednesdays. We also have bowling, fine arts, chess, and reading circle. Activities are scheduled around soup kitchen hours so that the Seniors can participate and eat before returning home. We provide transportation to and from these activities for anyone who needs help getting to the church. We can always use more volunteers. Anyone wishing to take part in this mission should see Sister Currin Wilson.
Spiritual Mother’s Ministry
Arlene Boyce, Director
Scriptural Theme: Titus 2:2-5
Our mission is to serve as spiritual armor bearers for our Bishop, pastors, leaders, auxiliary heads and church body by undergirding them spiritually, financially and with natural support when necessary. Our main focus is prayer. Unlike other auxiliaries, the Spiritual Mothers are chosen by the Pastors. We cannot be "joined."
We were blessed to have a new addition this year, and one mother who was previously on leave has returned. Compassion and confidentiality are our "bread and butter." No prayer request or anything of a personal or private nature is shared outside of our meetings. We sometimes give small donations to the ministries and people--as led by the Lord. We are a dedicated team striving to stay in one accord.
Our ministry goal is to establish a closer bond with the Mothers at our branch churches, and enrich the communication between the youth and senior adults through mentoring. We endeavor to live our lives in such a way that would influence young women to demonstrate good Christian moral character. We want to continue to be supportive to Bethel's programs through intercessory prayer and however the Holy Spirit would lead us.
Health Auxilliary: 
"Caring must be carefully done by God's grace." Our goal is to help the person to help himself in all need areas as a total person.
We will continue to assist people, using the problem-solving approach, helping them to help themselves to reach their goals, as much as it is possible within our auxiliary. This problem-solving approach consists of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation.
In May, we do a yearly salute to the graduates. At this event we honored our graduates from the kindergarten level to doctoral level. We have a short ceremony in the sanctuary which cumulates with a celebratory dinner, where we hosted over 140 graduates and their families.
In keeping with the spirit of our Bishop's health initiatives, we showed a health promotion video titled, "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead." The film showed the importance of juicing and being mindful of what we put in our body. After the video we collaborated with dietitians to demonstrate what a delight a juicing experience can be. The participants were able to taste various juices and make a commitment to eating healthy. 
We look forward to finding and presenting healthy alternatives for our population.
Widows & Widowers Support:
Mother Currin Wilson, Director