Foreign Missions: Pastor Beverly Caesar, Director


Bethel is a Missions Church.
Although we don’t have a missions de­partment, as such, non-the-less, the faithful few gather once per year to plan the Missions Sunday activities.

Our purposes are:

• To showcase the varied cultural ethnicities that grace the Bethel population

• To expose the congregation to our local, national and international entities

• To plan an international, creative, culinary experience for the congregation to enjoy.

• To hoist or fly all the flags of the countries and nations represented in Bethel



Mother Currin Wilson, Director

Our food program continues to be one of the largest and most important providers of hot meals and food pantry bags in the South Jamaica area. The lines of people seeking food continues to grow and just in this past year, our monthly numbers have increased by almost 100 additional bags of food being given out and even our Soup Kitchen has picked up many unfamiliar faces showing up for breakfast on Wednesday morning. The economy is still lagging and many people of color are unemployed.

In 2015 the soup kitchen prepared 13,389 meals.