Foreign Missions: Pastor Beverly Caesar, Director


Bethel is a Missions Church.
Although we don’t have a missions de­partment, as such, non-the-less, the faithful few gather once per year to plan the Missions Sunday activities.

Our purposes are:

• To showcase the varied cultural ethnicities that grace the Bethel population

• To expose the congregation to our local, national and international entities

• To plan an international, creative, culinary experience for the congregation to enjoy.

• To hoist or fly all the flags of the countries and nations represented in Bethel



Highland Care Center: Sister Frances Simmon, Director The purpose is to provide a ministry opportunity for the residents of Highland Care through singing, scripture study and trivia, prayer, testimonies and the word of God. This has enriched the lives of the residents by increasing their faith in God and by providing living examples of God’s love. Our goals are to increase resident involvement and participation in the services; ensure that all residents have Bibles; encourage each resident to study and meditate on God’s word by providing a copy of Our Daily Bread; and increase community involvement by inviting schools and other organizations to share their talents.