Foreign Missions: Pastor Beverly Caesar, Director


Bethel is a Missions Church.
Although we don’t have a missions de­partment, as such, non-the-less, the faithful few gather once per year to plan the Missions Sunday activities.

Our purposes are:

• To showcase the varied cultural ethnicities that grace the Bethel population

• To expose the congregation to our local, national and international entities

• To plan an international, creative, culinary experience for the congregation to enjoy.

• To hoist or fly all the flags of the countries and nations represented in Bethel



Sister Currin Wilson, Director

Bethel Gospel Tabernacle's Food Pantry continues to be one of the best options for residents of South Jamaica who are struggling to make their pay­checks cover food and other essentials. It is also a boom for low income seniors and large numbers of people living on food stamps and public assistance grants.

Every Wednesday between 11 a.m. and 12 noon, a line snakes its way around the block, filled with people vying for a coveted number, in order to collect a bag filled with nutritious food stuffs that will last about three days. Bethel’s Food Pantry is well known and provides food to more than 1,500 people per month.

The food pantry provided 51,131 food packages to individuals in 2015