B.A.M. - Bethel Audio Ministry

Bro. Kirk Reynolds, Interim Director

Bless our God, O peoples, let the sound of God's praise be heard (Psalm 66:8)

The Bethel Audio Ministry exists to provide consistent sound that enhances the ministry of the Word and music with sufficient amplification, balance and clarity. Our goal is to provide proper sound reinforcement while working in a manner that is pleasing to God, meeting the needs of both those ministering and those sitting in the congregation.

Outreach Ministry

Sister Gina Gratia, Director

About the Ministry:
1: Outreach is the act of reaching out
2: Outreach is the extent or limit of reach
3: Outreach is the extending of services or assistance beyond current or usual limits

Our goal is to ensure, by definition, that Bethel extends beyond Jamaica, NY. Our method; the messages preached from our pulpit are transformed and made available via audio and video reproductions, as well as digitally.

The Full Gospel Hour

The Full Gospel Hour
WMCA, 570 AM. or AM 570 The Mission on the Internet
Sundays at 9:30am & Daily at 9:11am

The “Full Gospel Hour” with Bishop Roderick R. Caesar, began broadcasting in 1948 on 1010 WINS and continues today. Start your day, or listen on your break each weekday at 9:11 a.m.

Each Monday begins a new message, which is is broken into five segments -- just enough to meditate on for the day. The message culminates on Friday. If at any time you miss a daily segment, you can visit AM 570 The Mission's archieve and play back the day, or you can avail yourself of the full message, which can be found on BGTFI.NET for download. You may also purchase the message on CD to share with a friend, or for your own library. The Full Gospel Hour airs live on 570AM on the radio @ 9:11am M-F

Download Name Play Size Duration
download Being a Renewed People
18.3 MB 10:00 min
download Faith and It's Importance
4.1 MB 4:27 min
download Fear
11.2 MB 6:08 min
download Forgetting and Reaching-New Year's Eve
39.1 MB 21:22 min
download How do we wait for God
27.9 MB 15:14 min
download Maximizing your walk & your time with God
35.5 MB 19:22 min
download Presentation is Everything
1 MB 0:34 min
download Remembering & leaving a legacy
11.3 MB 6:11 min
download The Blood
10.4 MB 5:41 min
download The Importance Of A Renewed Mind
4.5 MB 4:53 min
download The importance of having the right vantage point
18.7 MB 10:12 min
download The Importance of Relationship With Jesus Christ
4.1 MB 4:26 min
download The Power of Teamwork & Unity
13 MB 7:06 min
download Who Are We In Jesus
4.9 MB 5:22 min
download Your Reasonable Service
4.5 MB 4:54 min

steve morris
Video Ministry
Stephen Morris, Director

Other Ministry Leaders: Vanessa R. Hazzard, Production Manager, Angela Morris, Production Manager

The Video ministry records our weekly church services and special events at Bethel Gospel Tabernacle and various locations.

We also record the various productions for ACT. Those recordings are made available through the Outreach Ministry for sale as DVD and/or media downloads.

We provide periodic live streaming of our services on

Sermons of our services are edited and broadcasted daily on WMCA Radio.

We also produce the weekly announcement videos for the Plasma Screens and website. We currently have about 14 volunteers.



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